My BUDdy

Our objective at My BUDdy is to help dogs with behavioural issues to return to a balanced, calm state of mind.
We work with the dog and the owner to identify what are need to help you with as a priotity.
Permanent dog rehabilitatin can only occur with a calm, stable and consistent owner.
We can help you achieve this.
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Balanced Dog Training and Walking for All Breeds and Temperaments.
Individually Tailored Programs to Train & Rehabilitate Your Dog
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About My BUDdy.
Not so long ago, we took on the most beautiful German shepherd as a rescue.
He loved our family more than life itself.
Unfortunately, he came with some issues! From cat aggression to dog aggression to human aggresion, our Bud made significant changes, but eventually, those issues took his life. And in January 2015, very sadly he was put down.

But we made a promise, a promise that his death would not be in vain. We want to help as many other owners and their dogs achieve a calm, balanced and relaxed state of mind.
We love to help owners, not only with their dogs obedience, but we also love to help achieve a well-mannered, well behaved best friend , that owners are proud to take anywhere.
By lots of love, cuddles, praise AND boundaries and guidelines, we will help you and your best friend have the strongest bond imaginable.
Our Training
Dog obedience and rehabilitation – Our objective at My BUDdy, is to help a dog with issues to return to a calm, relaxed, balanced and submissive state.
We work with the dog and the owner to identify what we can correct and readjust.
Permanent dog rehabilitation can only occur with a calm, assertive, stable, and consistent owner - we can help you achieve this.
We will train any dog, regardless of breed, shape, size. To our best endeavours we will work to readjust most dog behaviour issues including unwanted barking, growling, nipping, dog/human aggression, human aggression (biting), pulling on leash, leash reactivity, resource guarding, jumping, fear issues and anxiety issues.
.....and let's not forget your basic obedience.
  1. Mission
    At My BUDdy we strive to achieve the ideal balance between owner and pet. To listen to your concerns, discuss your options and implement a strategy and program to achieve an outcome that makes it a joy to be a pet owner.
  2. Passion
    Too often we see well intentioned families that desire the complete family by bringing a dog into their home, but unfortunately short-lived happiness can become frustration, anxiety and hopelessness because of an issue or a personality problem that has now surfaced in your dog. Our desire is to help you to help your dog. To show you that having a dog in your family can be rewarding, fun and positively life changing.
  3. My Team
    The My BUDdy team - Helina, Kiara and Jessica - will be happy to answer your questions and meet with you to discuss and work out a positive plan of action for you and your dog. We look forward to working with you.